Creating Your Course Is Just The Start!

Deciding how to host and sell your online course is a critical business decision, and Teachable is a fantastic online course hosting platform. I've used it for several years as a course creator.

But wherever you decide to host your courses, you have yet another steep learning curve in front of you before you see those course sales popping into your bank account. Sorry to be blunt... but it's true!

And that's the thing! You are busy and don't have the time or skill to poke about Teachable (or any course platform) and work it out for yourself.

You also have business decisions to make, and right now, you don't know what you don't know!

The faster you learn EXACTLY what to do, the faster you will earn money from your course.

learn how to build your online course using teachable online course hosting platform . New online course from Susan Weeks

Cut Out Your Learning Curve!

This course is your simple, no-stress FAST PATH to get your online course ready for sale on Teachable.

  • follow a proven plan that works
  • set up & sell your course
  • build your online course business
  • make money sooner

This Course Is For You

Here's What's Included...

What You Learn In Each Module

Module 1 - Introduction To Teachable

  • Course platform decision
  • Introduction to Teachable
  • Teachable pricing & free plan
  • Tour of Teachable
  • Create your Teachable 'school'

Module 2 - Set Up Your Teachable School

  • School settings
  • Site branding
  • Site settings
  • About school pages
  • Using the Page Editor

Module 3 - Build Your Course

  • Organising your content
  • Build a course
  • Curriculum Builder tour
  • Adding the types of content
  • Dealing with questions

Module 4 - Sell Your Course

  • Pricing plans
  • Payments
  • Taxes
  • Integrations & webhooks
  • Build your course Sales page
  • Build your Checkout page
  • Thankyou page & testing

Module 5 - Manage Your Students

  • Overview: Manage your students
  • Student onboarding
  • User management features
  • Using Teachable email features
  • Course compliance & certificates
  • Integrations to support student management

Module 6 - Manage Your School

  • Overview: Manage your school
  • Control course purchase
  • Create course wait list
  • Manage cohorts & drip content
  • Create course bundles
  • Offer discounts with Coupons
  • Order Bumps
  • Affiliate features
  • Reporting
  • Legals & Security

Module 7 - Add Coaching Features

  • Set up a Coaching product
  • Coaching product Pages
  • Course & coaching Bundles

PLEASE NOTE: this course DOES NOT teach you how to create an online course.
See bottom of this page if you want training on online course creation.

Hello, I'm Susan Weeks &

I'm Cheering You On!

I'm so excited to support you on your course creation journey.

I created my first course back in 1996, taught hundreds of people and established a training department in my corporate career, and have been running my own digital services business since 2010.

I've spoken and taught at international events, local events, online & in-person, for small business owners, the local county council and larger organisations.

Technology and training have been the focus of my entire career. And I'm here to help you build a sustainable and successful business through building & selling your online courses.

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Practical Well-taught Training So You Learn What You Need To Get The Job Done!

I feel your pain! You don't have to suffer with anymore crappy training. Honestly.

No babbling geek speek.

No fast random mouse wiggling.

No time wasting.

Plenty of support & guidance.

Save yourself a ton of time and frustration,

buy this course,

and get your course up for sale ASAP!

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